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THE rules.

LE SURI is an innovative handbag label creating unique handbags made from 100 % cork. With this original concept we aim to break the rules of the traditional leather handbag industry and show the re(de)fined face of sustainable fashion while proving that contemporary chic, classical elegance and eco-friendliness can go hand-in-hand.

We create our designs using only the highest quality natural materials - organically grown, locally harvested and produced.



We met in London in 2013 and soon discovered our mutual passion for design and our shared love of Portugal – the “home country “of cork. Having lived in Portugal before, we had encountered cork and recognised its powerful qualities as an eco-friendly material. Cork fabric is soft, ultralight and feels like fine, smooth leather. Most importantly for fashion-lovers, cork has a stunning and incomparable look.

Since cork has traditionally only been used in small-scale local handicraft, it has remained largely undiscovered. LE SURI is led by our mission of changing this by creating unique modern handbags that appeal to a wider fashion-savvy audience.



Cork is an inherently European material. In fact, 95% of all cork oak trees in the world grow in the Southern parts of Portugal, Spain and Italy. This is where we source, not only our cork leather, but also all input materials used in LE SURI creations.

Building on European craftsmanship traditions, we are proud to say that all of our products are fully European, manufactured to the highest quality standards and under fair working conditions. 


9 YEARS TO creatE A BAG.

The cork material we used to make our bags originates from the bark of the cork oak tree. The bark is only harvested from the tree once every 9 years, thereby allowing it to recover fully. Over a lifetime, harvested trees actually absorb 3-5 times more carbon dioxide than those that are left un-harvested. Cork trees in Portugal alone help to offset more than 10 million tons of carbon each year. With the wine industry moving towards alternative materials from which to make bottle stoppers, the fashion industry represents the next sector which can contribute significantly to the trees well-being.  



100% cruelty-free brand.

We are proud to announce that LE SURI has been awarded the official PETA Approved Vegan Certification which guarantees that we do not use any animal-derived materials in the production process and support sustainable fashion movement.