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product care

All LE SURI bags are made from our high quality cork textile, which is durable, flexible and soft in touch. Cork is waterproof and resistant to heat, scratches and stains. It is in general, therefore, quite low-maintenance. It has the characteristics of real animal leather, yet without the harm.

When used on a regular basis, lighter cork textiles might occasionally need to be cleaned. This is very easy to do: Just use some water, a cloth or a sponge and a little soap and gently wipe the surface of the material.

Do not place the bag in the washing machine and do not use any cleaning service or detergent. Bear in mind that the membranes that make up the cork cells contain a waxy substance, called suberin, which does not allow the cork to absorb dust, dirt or moisture. This membrane can be destroyed when exposed to heavy abrasion or detergent.

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Before the bag is dispatched to you, it undergoes a strict quality control by our team. Product photos on our website are meant to represent our designs in the most accurate way possible. However, slight variations in colours and patterns may occur as a result of the natural differences in the cork tree bark used in the production process.

Cork is a natural material and it will show its wear beautifully over time. The surface can create small wrinkles and the normal wear & tear is not to be considered a sign of defect but gives the bag a personal and unique appearance.

A two-year warranty applies to all LE SURI accessories starting from the day of purchase. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects for which the product may be repaired and, at the full discretion of LE SURI, when this is not possible, replaced upon presentation of the receipt as proof of purchase.


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